10 Awesome Renovations and Add-ons to Apply to Your Kitchen

From day to night, from brewing that morning coffee to cooking the most amazing dinner – the kitchen is one busy place in your home. So it’s only right that you improve its beauty and functionality. Discover how you can renovate your kitchen to take it to the next level.

1. Maximize Storage Space

Having plenty of space to store away your stuff is a game-changer for every kitchen. It keeps everything healthy and organized, including dry ingredients, fresh food, and cooking utensils. In addition, you won’t have to waste time looking for whatever you need, and it makes cleaning a lot easier. Whether it be your typical cabinet, corner storage, or drawers, ensure that you have a place where each item belongs.

2. Light Up Your Kitchen

Want a cost-effective way to brighten up your kitchen renovation? Get creative with your lighting. It helps highlight the features in your space while also providing practical uses. Lighting can generally be divided into two categories: ambient and task lighting. Once you know this, you can start planning your layout.

For task lighting, under-cabinet lights are always a go-to. Pair it up with pendant lights above the dining area, sink, and kitchen island, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the illumination for food prepping and other kitchen duties. On the other hand, chandeliers and recessed ceiling lights offer the ambient vibe you wish for. Remember to mix and match various light fixtures around your kitchen. Also, it’s best to use as many LED lights as possible as it’s more energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and deliver a wow factor.

Get creative with your lighting. It helps highlight the features in your space while also providing practical uses.

3. Refurbish Your Backsplash

If you’re doing a kitchen renovation, you absolutely can’t forget to update your backsplash. It’s another great way to enhance personality in your home without costing a fortune. It likely needs to be renewed anyway because of all the hot oil splashes and spilled food, affecting its quality. Luckily, there are many ways to style a backsplash. You can add more to the existing design or change it completely. You can also choose a simple, fresh coat of paint or let your creativity shine through. It’s up to you. Make sure it harmonizes with your kitchen layout and is aesthetically appealing, practical, and durable.

4. Step it Up with a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a perfect addition to your renovation. Not only is it functional, but it also opens up space and creates a focal point in your kitchen. It can be used as a workstation, a dining table, and extra storage, and you can also put comfortable seating around it. If possible, incorporate a sink and electrical outlets into it. You can never go wrong with a kitchen island.

5. Spice Up Your Cabinets

Cabinets play a key role in your kitchen’s image, making it a worthy inclusion in your makeover plans. To start, consider applying a fresh coat of paint to dated cabinets. This task is easy enough to DIY. But of course, you can also replace it with newer ones. For this, it’d be wise to think about all your options. Do you want to go all-opaque? Or would it be better to include a few glass fronts? Remember that see-through cabinets allow you to showcase your collections and help navigate the kitchen, which might be more beneficial. Furthermore, decide which suits you better, neutral paints to blend in with the motif, or bold colors to make a statement. Don’t underestimate the importance of cabinets.

Cabinets play a key role in your kitchen’s image.

6. Choose the Right Flooring

For a complete kitchen renovation, new flooring is a must. Although considered a major project, it’s not much of a problem thanks to a wide variety of options and assistance available. You can opt for a more unified look using the same flooring in surrounding areas or lay down a different one that complements your home design. Hardwood remains a solid choice because of its versatility and natural aesthetics. Vinyl and glazed ceramic tiles are also rising in popularity.

7. Upgrade Appliances

Outdated appliances pose a lot of disadvantages. Beyond just appearances, their performance and energy efficiency may also wind down. Invest in the latest appliances as they give your kitchen a cleaner, more sophisticated feel while saving you cash due to decreased energy consumption. As the most significant part of the kitchen, they also deserve your attention. After all, you can’t get anything done without working appliances.

8. On-Counter Garage

Who doesn’t want to have an organized and clean countertop? It’s safe to say everybody does. To achieve this, the best thing to do is to build an on-counter garage. It’s a storage space where you can keep frequently used appliances out of sight. It’s a pretty straightforward build.

9. Flair Up Countertops

Countertops have a huge influence on the design and functionality of your kitchen. It may serve as a workstation where you do most of your tasks when cooking meals, and it can also be a statement piece. Marble and granite are favorite alternatives which are on the cheaper side. However, quartz countertops still hold an edge as they are tougher and better at fighting off germ infestation.

10. Integrate Personal Touches

Although hiring professional interior designers and following current trends is great and all, nothing still beats having a handful of personal touches. It makes your kitchen feel more homely. So if you have any ideas, designs, and fixtures, don’t hesitate to customize your space.

The kitchen isn’t just for cooking and eating. It’s also a place where you can bond and celebrate with family and friends.

Final Thoughts

The kitchen isn’t just for cooking and eating. It’s also a place where you can bond and celebrate with family and friends. That’s why it’s important to make it as lovely and comfortable as it can be. Let this article help you remodel your kitchen into something that will put a smile on your face.